Eothen Stearn

Feminist queer artist interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech. Read more... 

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December 01, 2019

GLASGOW BASED BAND 2ply are Mark Briggs (bass/vocals) and Eothen Stearn (drums/vocals). Formed from the perils of 2017 they are a mixture of sarcasm and optimism. The duo work with subject matter that simultaneously integrates and celebrates contemporary life through sound, (Eg. Artificial Intelligence, Hot Desking). They produce scrappy yet melodic sound comparable to No wave. Previous gigs: MONO, Glasgow. GLAD cafe, Glasgow. GAS, Glasgow. The old hairdressers, Glasgow. Split tape launch 2ply and Taranchula See link below. (Label GLARC, Glasgow) Contact details: [email protected]

2ply/Tarantula split cassette
2ply/Tarantula split cassette
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